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*Type Austenite


    Cu and Nb are added to 430 stainless steel. It has superior corrosion resistance, drawability, weldability and high temperature oxidation resistance.

Chemical compositions and physical properties

Designations Chemical compositions (%) Mechanical properties Physical properties
 JIS   POSCO   C   Cr   Ni   Mo   Orthers   Yield 


 430J1L   430J1L   ≤0.025   11.6~20.0   -   -   N≤0.025   ≥205   ≥390   ≥22   ≤200   0.46   7.7   10.4   26.2 


    - Production: kitchen utensils, household appliances, water tanks.
    - Refractory equipment: parts of a car exhaust pipe.
    - Exterior material: die-cast shell, exterior construction material, Guardail tube.