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CEO Announcement

Dear all staffs!
My name is Bae Jae Tak- New CEO who has been appointed to POSCO VST.
I would like to thank sincerely to previous general director - Jeong Hae Ik and all staffs. More than anyone, I understand that former General Directors - Jeong Hae Ik and Bae Chung Hun made great merits of establishing the basic foundation of POSCO VST during the last difficult period. I am also very glad to meet you today. Besides the pleasure, I also feel a huge responsibility.
In POSCO group, I have been working the stainless steel sector for a long time. I think we were just away by different geographical distance but I also think that we also have worked together since POSCO VST was established. Therefore, although this is the first time meeting, I feel like we've met before
Dear all staffs!
The first general director - Bae Chung Hun had founded the company and expanded the factory # 2, and the general director - Jeong Hae Ik who had built, reconstructed the infrastructure sales / production / management, eliminated the weak stages and created a solid foundation for the company. I think my responsibility is to develop achievements of past two CEOs, being together with you to create a new step, stabilize and maintain profitability
As you know, the global stainless steel market is now passing very difficult and unstable time. Together with low growth of global economy, our management environment is getting worse due to over-supply of STS products in the market.
More than anyone, I feel very grateful to your contributions. Despite many difficulties, all staffs united together. You always put the interests of the company first, strived to reduce operating costs, improved product quality and productivity, enhanced In ceremony today, I would like to emphasize to you the following three issues:
First, maintain structural stability and profitability of business.
Our effort to secure domestic market by AD regulation is resulting in good affects to us.  In addition, we also achieved many improvements on cost competitiveness and higher quality, productivity. Moreover, If all your efforts at consensus to fulfill the tasks of each department, I believe that we can overcome all difficulties from outside factors. 
Accordingly, we must strive together to achieve more business success. We must seek new customers constantly, enhance quality and product categories to meet customer requirements and support customers actively, and perform reducing of costs in the company. So, I hope that 2015 is the first year to record yearly operating profit.
Second, strive to become global talent.
I think the ability of staffs is very important factor in raising business. When each employee has a good professional capability, enthusiastic, creativeness and challenges, it’s not difficult to reach out business goals. Only the effort of the management is not enough.
Currently, the group is also preparing plans to standardize HR management system linked to the employee's work performance, expand the capacity building activities for employees abroad. I promise that I will try to invest to improve the capability of all staff.
Third, establish Accident-Free and Safety factory.
It is always not enough to emphasize the importance of safety. This morning, I saw the sign of safety objectives on the factory entrance. Practicing safe operation is required to protect to you, colleagues, and families as well as to achieve management goal. I know, previous general director - Jeong Hae Ik also tried a lot of activities to improve the safe working environment.
I also promise that I will always take safety as the first element among other factors when conducting business. 
Dear all staffs!
I would like to emphasize that although the outside situation is not good to us, nothing is more important than all the members to think and behave as one.
I will try to support you to develop yourself and not to neglect the welfare of employees, 
I will enhance the activities to strengthen the working morale of the staff. Especially, increase the motivation of employees who largely contribute to the company.
I also promise to take the time to listen to your difficulties, share business issues with all of you more often.
Wish all employees and your families a year with health, joy and happiness!
Sincerely thanks